Pasta Madre

Bringing some Italian flavour to Place Rouppeplein in downtown Brussels is pizza specialist Pasta Madre.

You might not think that you need more of this comfort-food favourite in your life, but Pasta Madre is a world away from your average pizza joint. This is pizza as an art form, combined with a passion for boutique breweries. It’s a concept that they describe as Craft Pizza matched with Craft Beer.

This artisanal approach to the classic pizza and beer combination is something that superstar pizzaiolo Francesco Oppido has successfully road-tested in Bologna.

Pasta Madre in Brussels is Oppido’s first venture outside of Italy.

Taking over most of the ground floor and basement of boutique hotel A la Grande Cloche, on first impressions the fit-out of the space seems quite simple – almost industrial. In reality, no expense has been spared in equipping the kitchen with the high-end tools required to deliver a unique food experience.

The kitchen team at Pasta Madre don’t just do pizza, but it is their pizzas that are the star of the show.

Using a naturally fermented sourdough as the base, Pasta Madre harnesses a steaming technique to aerate the dough – creating a light, cloud-like structure on which to showcase your selected pizza toppings. It’s a different experience of pizza, and it’s delicious.

On the night that we ate there, the informal and welcoming restaurant was full and vibrant with satisfied diners – most of them speaking Italian, which boosted our confidence that we were eating something quite special.

It’s also important to acknowledge the quality of beers on offer. Pizza and beer are a match made in heaven, but the craft beers being served at Pasta Madre really pack a flavour punch that matches brilliantly with the bold combinations of the restaurant’s signature dishes.

The roster of beers on offer changes regularly, but boutique labels are preferred. The Pasta Madre team are building partnerships with suppliers who value craft and quality, and who have a real passion for what they’re producing.

If your taste buds are craving pizza, then treat yourself to the Pasta Madre experience – a welcome addition to the food scene of Brussels.

Where to find it:

Pasta Madre

Place Rouppeplein 10, Brussels