Sparkling Beats

Evolving on the Brussels scene for over 10 years, Sparkling Bits might be considered a local veteran led by Brice Deloose – Fuse’s current art director and founder of the Brussels Electronic Marathon. After performing on big stages – Dour Festival to name but one – the band retired for a few years to experiment and look for new sounds. After welcoming a new member, they released several tracks and a video clip to set up a deeper sound that draws on many different worlds.

Ten years on, Sparkling Bits is now reborn. Can you tell us how everything started and where you’re at today?

Jérémie: Brice and I have known each other for a long time. We used to spend hours on a forum called BE Clubbing where we were both posting our first tracks. Getting aware of our mutual tastes and ambitions, we decided to get together rather than compete, and started studying music together. We later joined forces as Sparkling Bits. A year and half ago, we welcomed Gary, who was Brice’s student at the SAE and a talented jazz pianist.

Brice: Jérémie and I have always liked jazz flows and chords but it has never been our main strength. We were more into house, techno, and sound design. Teaching Gary about music production made me realise his jazz background could really match with Sparkling Bits. One of his tracks impressed me so much that I shared it with Jérémie. We both agreed on his skills and proposed him to join us at the studio. It all came together really quickly and Gary instantly became part of the project.

How did your workflow evolve since Gary’s arrival?

Gary: It took a few moments to find our way to work together. I was at my very beginnings into electronic music. I learned the tools, the techniques but I never truly had worked on a project. Brice and Jérémie are like an old couple: they had their own mechanisms and ways of doing things. Even technically, we had to find a good balance so everyone could express his self freely. Now, we can complement one another quite smoothly.

Jérémie: On stage, Gary takes care of two keyboards and produces most of the melodies. Brice controls a mix table and a modular synth that brings different colours and textures into the sound. For my part, I’m in charge of the beats, rhythms and effects. Our aim is to be able to play with our tracks and rearrange them depending on the vibe to create something new every time.

In terms of sound, Sparkling Bits evolved a lot as well. Do you have a particular musical destination?

Brice: As far as our sound is concerned, I never really felt a turning point. We make music every day and try to express ourselves honestly. But yes, we keep on discovering new things and listening to new artists. It inspires us to evolve in our own music as well. We don’t try to fit in with a particular genre. Our sound navigates between hip-hop, bass, house and even techno on our latest tracks.

Last December, you started releasing one track every two weeks. What is the driving idea behind it?

Brice: We worked on many tracks and planned a release, but we also felt that the album’s format was not that relevant. As everybody watches series today, we thought about a series of track releases – leading to a peak with the release of our new music video: Raise and Fall.

Gary: Raise and Fall started in my mind. I wanted to create a piece that would speak about education, parents’ expectations and the way we all try to find our own way in the end. It’s about the boundaries that our parents can set up, but also about telling that nobody is perfect and that failure is a human thing.