After years of success with his band L’Or du Commun, Swing is now breaking through and rising as a solo artist. Released last 7 February, ‘Alt+f4’– his second EP – pictures new roads travelled by this ever-astonishing rapper and vocalist.

Since the early days of his career, Swing always kept on pushing boundaries. Always in good company with L’Or du Commun first, but even more since he started recording solo. With the 2018 release of ‘Marabout’, his debut EP, the artist told much more about himself and proved his universe to be far wider than he previously had shown. Back for a new decade, he lately announced ‘Alt+f4’, ‘Marabout’’s follow-up with a bunch of ground-breaking tracks and first-class collaborations.

As he keeps on getting more introspective, Swing introduces his EP with the spleeny ‘N’ – in which he addresses discrimination and limited prospects for the future as a young black man. Things are more intimate on ‘Gris’, whose banging beat strikes with its disillusioned post-fame lyrics. Sharing the mic with major figures, Swing also offers three symbiotic getaways around his inner world. Firstly, with ‘Duñe on Hopes’ – a bilingual ballad about love standing the test of time. The hallucinatory quest of ‘Indélébile’ for healing alongside Nemir comes next. Nevertheless, ‘S’en aller’ remains without a doubt ‘Alt+f4’’s most stunning track. ‘Wreath in Angele’’s delicate vocals and piano parts, Swing gets even more confidential as he unveils new vocal techniques. Switching brilliantly from high-pitched soul vocals to his warm-and-low rap voice, the young talent demonstrates how truthfully, he deals with his emotions and music.

‘Alt+f4’ by Swing

Out since 7 February (Labrique/URBAN [PIAS])