Pink Screens Festival is back on !

This year, the time when Brussels people who love queer movies are supposed to gather and meet at Cinéma Nova didn’t happen. This year, the time when LGBTQIA+ cinema lovers were going to have a drink in the downstairs bar and then were climbing into the mythical movie theatre with red velvet seats to listen to the guests before each screening didn’t happen. The Pink Screens festival 19th edition was robbed of these marvelous moments and had to be postponed.

Good news everyone ! It is not completely cancelled. The 19th edition of the Pink Screens Festival decided to reinvent itself and is back on with more energy than ever in a digital version for this year.

The festival organised each year by Genres d’à Côté offers a selection of 13 sessions. 11 feature films and 2 series of short films is available online on Sooner from the 8th of April til the 18th . Over the course of 10 days, and for a small fee, you’ll be able to rent/buy films from the selection, and watch them at a time that suits you best.

What about the selection ?

The opening films planned for November 2020 are of course included in the selection. Lingua Franca (Brooklyn Secrets) follows the director herself as she interprets an undocumented trans woman who has migrated to the US, whilst Futur Drei (No Hard Feelings) explores the question of reconciling multiple identities when nowhere feels like home. The Acrobat tells the very raw story, behind closed doors, of a chance encounter between two men who share an irrational addiction, whilst Alltid Amber (Always Amber) paints a contemporary portrait of young and multiple identities. Naturally, they have not forgotten the traditional “Made in Belgium” short-film session. This online edition also includes two lesbian films – Kokon and Pyrale –, and what they hope you’ll consider as beautiful a discovery as they did – Cyrille, a tender yet terrible documentary about a young gay farmer fighting for the survival of his business, and Las Mil y Una, a glimpse of queer teenage life in the working-class districts of a Latin American city -.

The festival team is hoping to be able to welcome all their loyal devotees next November for the 20th anniversary edition ! Until then, enjoy the queerest films safely at home.

Practical info :

All films will be available from 8 April (6pm) until 18 April (11:59pm). They are only available in Belgium. €3,99 per film – The film will be available for 72 hours on Sooner. €14,99 for the Pink Screens Pas- It gives you access to all 13 films throughout the whole festival. Tickets and links to the films will only be available from the 8th of April onwards via our website or directly on Sooner. It is necessary to create a personal account before renting a film or buying a pass. It is not compulsory to take a “Sooner subscription” as this does not include the films of Pink Screens festival.