BXL UNIVERSEL II: multipli.city – a unique dialogue that brings the city to life

A major exhibition presented by CENTRALE is BXL UNIVERSEL II : multipli.city.

The exhibition is a multidisciplinary forum-exhibition and events project, created in collaboration with 11 artists and six Brussels-based organisations.

Participating in the project are Younes Baba-Ali, Vincen Beeckman, Aleksandra Chaushova, Effi & Amir, Hadassah Emmerich, Pélagie Gbaguidi, Stephan Goldrajch, Sabrina Montiel-Soto, Anna Raimondo, Lázara Rosell Albear, Oussama Tabti ; BNA-BBOT & Mia Melvaer, Culture & Démocratie, Globe Aroma, Kunstenpunt, MOUSSEM & Barbara Prada, and Zinneke.

Questioning both the strata of cosmopolitan Brussels, and the co-inhabiting woven into it, the art centre extends to the public space and partner venues, opening its space to all for exchange and sharing around artistic and participative processes.

Throughout BXL UNIVERSEL II: multipli.city, visitors will be welcomed in a meeting space where artists, curators, authors, partners and members of CENTRALE’s team will take turns conversing with them face to face. In addition, the forum will take the form of conferences and performances that will activate the exhibition project at regular intervals. CENTRALE’s intergenerational workshops will also take place in the exhibition space and will be led by the artists of the project.

“The forum aims to be a space for exchange and speech, and also for collective reflecting…” explains Tania Nasielski – co-curator of the exhibition. “We explore and question together the relevance of certain issues such as citizenship, colonisation, the problematics of gender, the process of mediation towards diverse publics and also the way of giving them a voice: how can a long-term conversation, an exchange be struck up with visitors? How can a space inviting to this be created within the framework of the project and the exhibition?”

“It seems very important indeed to me to reflect on the format of exhibitions today…” adds co-curator Carine Fol. “It is no longer conceivable to present a project such as BXL UNIVERSEL II: multipli.city as a ‘conventional’ exhibition. Here the work of mediation is essential.”

BXL UNIVERSEL II : multipli.city will run until 12 September