May in Brussels means Pride Month!

May in Brussels means Pride Month! This year, the Belgian Pride is going online with many events! Yes, once again we will not be able to parade in the streets as we used to but the Pride team worked on a way to bring this joyful event to life anyway.

Find here the official program (some events might be added later). 

The first type of events of the Pride consists in three online parties with some amazing performances by LGBTI+ artists live from LGBTI+-owned HORECA hotspots! Music, spoken word, online drag show, dance party, you’ll find all the rainbow glitter available directly in your screen!

First online night will be filmed at The Crazy Circle in the company of Camille Pier, Thom LeBlanc and AAguilAA. Second online night will be filmed at STAMM Bar in the company of Inke Gieghase, Red D and Mona Lee. Third online night will be filmed at Cabaret Mademoiselle in the company of Rokia Bamba.

The main theme of this year’s Pride is #WeCare. 2021 is the year to focus on well-being & mental, physical and social health. For the LGBTI+ community, this is a theme that still requires a lot of effort. In recent decades, the rights of LGBTI+ people have been greatly improved. However, there is still a great need for a more inclusive society and assistance. A special night debating these topics with organisations working every day in the field of health has been included.

For the entire month, Brussels is immersed in rainbow colours by the RainbowCity.Brussels project. Every year, more than 40 partners in Brussels take part in the action! All types of buildings, cultural centres, shops, government buildings, universities, everyone is putting up rainbow lights and flags in support of the LGBTI+ community!

Want to put yourself in a Pride mood despite the COVID-19 restrictions? Everyone should be able to celebrate Pride Month while respecting their bubble, that’s why the Belgian Pride put in place a very special project involving no less than chalk! LaDiva Live and Sugar Love Show  invite you to let your imagination proudly do the rest! Draw a rainbow on the pavement or draft a poem on the streets. Rainbow chalk can be bought in the Pride Shop.

Cinema will also be part of Pride month since a screening of “Lola vers la mer” will be presented. The movie from Brussels director Laurent Micheli starring Belgian actress Mya Bollaers (Magritte award 2020). The story of a young transgender girl and her disapproving father who are forced to drive together to the coast to fulfill her deceased mother’s last wish.

On the International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia on the 17th of May 2021, BOZAR is organising Colours of the Rainbow for the fifth time. This is a day on which professionals, academics, artists and Brussels residents meet online. For this edition, artist and entrepreneur Jaouad Alloul (he/his/gender-fluid) curates the evening. Comedian Serine Ayari is your guide during this special evening of music, dance and theatre.

Mark your calendars :

More info on the Belgian Pride’s website.