Wearable art from an iconic queer artist

We’ve long been a fan of the sexed-up collage creations of artist JPMDR, so being able to wear the art as a t-shirt is the kind of trend-alert we can get excited about.

The collection is called T.Art, and is grouped into two capsules – Riviera and Tom.

The Riviera designs could be worn by anyone, anywhere. The designs featured on the Tom range have a bit of a sexier edge – perfect for drinking with the boys.

The collection is a limited series – each design has been printed 25 times, across three sizes. Each t-shirt is numbered – the ultimate collector’s item.

A special Red Label line of t-shirts will also be sold to raise funds for AIDS research.

JPMDR’s T.Art collection of t-shirts will be available from 4 September from the the SR Gallery as part of the exhibition of the artist collective BrAMS.