Jean-Paul Knott presents the unique photography of Ingrid Plater Syberg

Jean-Paul Knott’s boutique in Brussels is designed as a couture house – featuring made-to-order clothing, made-to-measure objects from around the world, and accessories made in Belgium.

To celebrate the launch, Jean-Paul has invited artist Ingrid Plater Syberg to showcase her large-scale plexiglass prints of water and its reflections.

Jean-Paul and Ingrid have a long history of creative collaboration – they first met 30 years ago when they were both working for Yves Saint-Laurent.

Ingrid’s passion is photography, and her eye is drawn to the interaction between water, light, and wind.

This series of work features large-format photography with a high-resolution print onto Plexiglass – this enables Ingrid to achieve a layered effect to create the image.

Ingrid’s prints – which will be displayed in the atelier in Brussels – provide a unique backdrop to Jean-Paul’s latest collection.

The two artists and their visual orchestra will be on display from 23 September through 23 October.

Dive into the world of Jean-Paul Knott and discover the creations of Ingrid Plater Syberg