Lesbiennale: the arts festival bringing the lesbian art-world back together

Get your diary out, we’re counting down to Lesbiennale – a massive arts festival that showcases and celebrates the work of lesbians.

Taking place in Brussels from 8-10 October, the festival includes a huge range of events – everything from tours to talks to parties and more.

Lesbiennale is presented by The Eurocentralasian Lesbian Community – the ELC. The ELC is a lesbian feminist and intersectional network.

The Lesbiennale is designed to be a way to escape, distract, celebrate, engage, support, and honour lesbian, bi, queer, trans women who despite their incredible resilience, have been hit hard by the global pandemic due to the cancellation of their gigs and projects. The Lesbiennale is a way to bring the lesbian art-world back together.

The festival will showcase the vast amount of radical and political art created by lesbians – both past and present – in a world where art often becomes the only medium to reflect, critique, and think beyond the dominant systems within which we operate.

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