Q.ARTz Festival : Supporting Culture, Caring for the Community

After the Covid-19 pandemic made its appearances it became very clear that Pride is a verb that resonates throughout the whole year. Therefore the organisation of The Belgian Pride decided that instead of creating visibility for the LGBTQIA+ community only once a year, it is important to raise awareness for diversity and inclusion all year round!

For that reason The Belgian Pride organises the first edition of the Q.Artz Festival from 18th to 26th September, a platform created for queer artists, in collaboration with multiple venues throughout the Brussels region. By creating a platform between amazing artists and great venues, visibility and experiences is offered to them to promote diversity and inclusion within the cultural sector and sensitive cultural institutions to question diversity and inclusion within their own structure as well as their programming.

We met with Rachael Moore, Coordinator for The Belgian Pride to know a bit more about the festival : “After carefully listening to the needs of the cultural sector and the LGBTQI+ community, The Belgian Pride is happy to present it’s newest event: Q.Artz, a new multidisciplinary art festival where LGBTQI+ artists take the center stage! LGBTQI+ artists give us the ability to dream, to create but also to imagine the world differently, we think this is very crucial to support them in this period we are living. Despite being unable to organise the yearly pride parade, The Belgian Pride thought it was necessary to continue LGBTQI+ visibility. We are not only proud one day a year, pride is a verb that resonates all year round!”

We picked up one event for each day of the festival. More events of the program are to discover on the website. 

18th : Opening Garden Party @ Jardin Hospice 

And events from : Shame Gallery, Isaiah Lopaz, Marijn Celea, Stammbar, Japan Film Festival Brussels, Yukihiro Murigati, Espace Lumen 

19th : Queer at the Museum exhibition @ Design Museum Brussels 

And events from : Cabaret Mademoiselle, Muntpunt, Les Marolles asbl, Santa Maria restaurant 

20d :  Boop & Edna from Cabaret Mademoiselle the Podcast @ Garderobe MannekenPis 

21st : Fullmano’s Honey exhibition @ Spit It Out 

And events from : Wet Bambie, Fluide Culturel 

22d : Anthology / Appendix exhibition by Isaiah Lopaz @ Shame Gallery 

And events from : The Crazy Circle, Camille Norroy, Zaya,  
War Heritage Museum, Morten Tyldum 

23rd : Moon in Vertigo exhibition by Clara-Lane Lens @ That’s What X Said 

And events from : Cabaret Mademoiselle, Kopano Maroga, Shame Gallery, The Crazy Circle, Japan Film Festival Brussels, Toshio Matsumoto, Tours & taxis, Jardin Rooftop 

24th : Casées the piece @ {fluide} culturel 

And events from : Clara-Lane Lens, That’s What X Said, Jardin Rooftop 

25th :  Biche de Ville concert @ The Crazy Circle 

And events from : Llewellyn Mnguni, Shame Gallery, Cabaret Mademoiselle, Collectif Shabbes 24/7, Lagrange Points 

26th : Drag Queen and Variants Make-up Demo @ Cabaret Mademoiselle