Homografia / Homography festival : “Queer Activism – resisting everywhere, surviving then and now”

Homografia / Homography announces an explosive and atypical program focused on the intersection between art, feminism, gender identity, and sexuality beyond the norm.

Homografía / Homography (H.H.), the Belgian-Mexican queer video and performance festival, is back in Brussels for its 7th edition from 30 September to 02 October. After bringing over 500 visitors to Le Tri-Postal in 2020, this year H.H. returns to the same location in St. Gilles and takes over an additional cultural hotspot: the Centre Tour à Plomb. Visitors will have 3 days to dive into the works of 98 artists from 22 countries in the festival’s most ambitious programme so far: 1 exhibition, 1 play, 2 book signings, 2 workshops, 2 panel discussions, 7 DJ sets, 13 live performances and 36 films around a strong central theme: “Queer Activism – resisting everywhere, surviving then and now”. Amongst other special guests, H.H. will host Didier Lestrade – co-founder of Act Up-Paris, European pioneer in the fight against AIDS, and the mind behind several gay fanzines and magazines, including the iconic Têtu will be present for a talk and book signing. “In a world still marked by heteronormativity and systemic violence against LGBTQIA+ people, we are thrilled to offer a safer space for queer cultural exchange on themes normally perceived as taboo,” says Chris Miller, co-creator of the festival with Mateusz Nowak.

It’s a programme of highly suggestive films, artworks, installations and performances that evoke the relationship between body, sexuality, gender identity, and artistic expression. H.H. is produced by la Garçonnière Prod. The online version of the festival program can be found at www.homografia.com.

Through the lenses of over 98 artists and special guests from 22 countries, the festival will share different perspectives on current and past struggles of the LGBTQIA+ communities, making room for those resisting the political pressure and systemic danger inflicted by far-right politicians all over the world. Going beyond the screens, festival-goers will also have the opportunity to join a workshop on Deconstructing the Patriarchy, two exclusive book signings, visit H.H.’s unique exhibition, and wrap up our three days of extreme queerness with a burning hot closing party!

Talks : Didier Lestrade, Bebe Melkor-kadior, Leïla La Boubou, Ichraf Nasri, Hugo Meda, Szymon Adamczak

Exhibition : Anatoly Belov, Krasnye Zori, Lcf, Loup Kass, Nathan French, Nour & Lisa Lapierre, Philippe Richard, Sasha Zubritskaya, Zofia Nierodzińska, Zyle

Performances : Bebe Malkor-kadior, Cie Un Loup Pour L’homme, David Zagari, Ephélide, Glow!, Hunhumn, Jayson Batut, Jérôme Prosperger De La Framboise, Jhaya Caupenne, King Baxter, Matthieu Hocquemmiler, Not Allowed, Utsopi

DJ : Cr33p.Exe, Lichentrope, Dj Poussin, Suzy Q, Zoulou

Video : Alice Khol & Jacques Pironnet, Alice Riff, Angel Ulyanov, Bakhita, Bela Ćwir, Chintis Lundgren, Daniel Sterlin-altman, David Vitry Ferreira De Filip Tielens & Marieke Dermul, Inari Sirola, Jan Soldat De Jasmine Elsen, Jessie Auritt & Jessica Wolfson, Juno Álvarez, Yaiza De Lamo, Maria Lorente & Mariona Vázquez, Karol Radziszewski, Lee Campbell, Leoluna, Łukasz Horbów, Maël Nathanaël Sonn, Magali B. Halter, Masha Godovannaya, Nicky Miller De Nish Gera, No_pic_no_chat, Özlem Sariyildiz De Peter Strickland, Princess Bouton & Evan James Benally Atwood, R Talin & Nicky Miller, Renata Gasiorowska, Rémy Yadan, Santy Mito, Serena Vittorini, Simon(e) Jaikiriuma Aérea Negrot, Sven Spur, Paetau & Nadia Granados, Yana Bachynska

Black Boxxx : Antonio Da Silva, Beautifulagony.Com, Benedito Ferreira, Goodyn Green De Ivan Sobris, Jan Soldat De Jeffe Grow, Redfortbear & Hiperlinque, Léon Chevalier, Mariabasura & Pandemicxxx, Matock, Meti Oker, Matt Lambert, No_pic_no_chat, Noel Alejandro, Toni Karat

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