Surprise! Angèle has released her new album

Angèle’s second album – Nonante-Cinq – wasn’t scheduled to be released for another week or so, but she’s decided to mix things up.

Stuck at home with Covid, and contemplating spending her 26th birthday alone, Angèle made some calls and brought forward the release date – Nonante-Cinq is now available!

“When I caught Covid, I immediately thought it was boring…” explained Angèle. “I didn’t want to celebrate my 26th birthday like that. I contacted the platforms and asked that they make the album available at midnight on 3 December. That way, I could not only be celebrating my 26th birthday but also the release of my second album.”

As well as the album release, we’ve also got the video for the track Démons, which features Damso. It’s a sexy fun-house fantasy.

It’s Angèle’s birthday, but she’s giving us all the gifts!

Bruxelles je t’aime

We’ve long been fans of Angèle, but her single – Bruxelles je t’aime – really hits our sweet spot.

Originally from Uccle, Angèle got her start performing in the cafés of Brussels – releasing her first single in 2017.

Singing primarily in French, Angèle has built her career as one of the most popular performers in Belgium and France. But her recent collaboration with Dua Lipa on the track, Fever, brought her a bigger international audience.

“It was by realising that I was going to stay away from my city for a little while that this declaration of love was born…” explains Angèle, talking about how she was inspired to write the track during the restrictions of the Covid-19 pandemic.