Hotels to hibernate in if you want to bunker down in Brussels

A night in a hotel in your home-town can always be a fun little mini-break – it gives you the experience of travel, without having to navigate airports or arguing about who’s going to drive.

The long nights of winter are a particularly good time to explore the hotel options on your doorstep, and if you’re hankering for a bit of hibernation then Brussels has got a wealth of options to consider.

Here’s a couple that are on our wish-list.

Hotel Hubert – Grand Place

With a fantastic central location, Hotel Hubert is a short walk from the Grand Place and Central Station.

This is a modern hotel with all the tech you’d expect.

There’s also a fully equipped gym.

Food is provided by The Foodmaker catering service. You’ll probably want to hit their food truck and try a hot dog.

Hotel Barsey by Warwick

Located on Avenue Louise, Hotel Barsey has an old-school feel with modern interiors.

One of the strengths of the Hotel Barsey is its restaurant – the dine-in option is so good there’s really no need to step outside.

Hotel Amigo

The Amigo has the feel of a boutique art hotel. Sip cocktails in the bar, eat Italian food in the restaurant, or just fill the bath with bubbles and give yourself a bit of quality me-time.