A sexy calendar that supports LGBTQ people in Poland? That’s a win-win.

The news is so bleak sometimes that it can leave us feeling a bit powerless – particularly in the face of examples of rising homophobia and anti-LGBTQ rhetoric.

Imagine how LGBTQ people in Poland must have felt when local government authorities were declaring entire regions as LGBTQ-Free Zones. That’s homophobia at its most blatant – it’s hard not to feel personally attacked.

To combat the tide of rising homophobia, queer people in Poland are getting naked – and we can all show our support.

The 2022 calendar from Polish queer publication, Replika, is a proud declaration of a Shame-Free Zone.

The queers featured in the calendar are everyday people who all posed for free. They include:

  • A trio of couples – Mateusz and Fabio Da Costa, Darek Radomski and Michał Dudziński, and Adam Kozieł and Paweł Markowicz.
  • Łukasz Sabat, winner of Mr Gay Poland and PREP activist.
  • 88-year-old actor, Jerry Nasierowski.
  • A trio of dancers – Yevgenyi Jake, Marek Bratkowski, and Tomasz Jakowienko.
  • Maksym Czajkowski and Gabriel Kaw – representing Trans men.
    Trans drag queen,
  • Drag queen Ka Katharsis.
  • Dawid Plebanek, Dominik Zwierzchowski, and Damian Kot – representing the business world.
  • Jarek Jamiński – representing the medical sector.
  • A group shot that features models that have featured in previous calendars from Replika – Linus Lewandowski, Adrian Sapała, Daniel Mękarski, Kaleem Uddin, Łukasz Sabat, Tymon Radwański, Paweł Mężyński, Maciej Gośniowski, and Dawid Brzozowski.

All the proceeds from the sale of the calendar will go towards supporting the publication of Replika.

Get your hands on a calendar and support Poland’s queer community

Censored images are below – you’ll need to get your hands on the calendar to see the uncensored images