What’s on in Brussels: Swipe Right at iMAL

The current exhibition at iMAL is Swipe Right – exploring the undeniable power of data, dating, and desire.

The exhibition explores how digital interfaces reshape our emotional relationships. enabling us to discover the impact of screens on our sexual intimacy and our desire for connection.

Our increasing use of dating apps and sites has been turbo-charged by the isolation that was exacerbated by the Covid pandemic.

We’ve all had to become experts in digital desire and online seduction.

Featuring the work of artists from Belgium and beyond, the exhibition explores themes of new directions of contemporary romanticism, changes in love communication, commodification of love and desire through dating sites and applications, renegotiations of sexual identities, changes in manners and erotic taboos , and emerging trends in flirting and dating.

The collection of personal data is the often forgotten flip-side of online dating. It’s data collection that makes online dating platforms a profitable business – making our digital desires inherently transactional.

As an exhibition, Swipe Right aims to spark a debate on how society is responding to the challenge of understanding the links between desire, emotion, technology and economy in the post-pandemic world.

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