What’s on in Brussels: In The Shadow Of Trees

As part of the PhotoBrussels Festival, Hangar presents In The Shadow Of Trees – showcasing work that focuses on the tree.

PhotoBrussels Festival was first held in 2015 – it’s an annual event dedicated to photography. As well as exhibitions of work, there’s also meetings, workshops, and conferences exploring the art-form.

Hangar – the hub for photography in Brussels – is the originator and the epicentre of the PhotoBrussels Festival. A festival that has now grown to encompass more than 40 locations across the city.

In The Shadow Of Trees is Hangar’s flagship exhibition within the PhotoBrussels Festival. It brings together around 20 separate projects by artists from around the world.

The unifying theme of the exhibition is an environmental message – highlighting the crucial role that trees play in our natural world, and exploring our relationship with trees.

Find out more about In The Shadow Of Trees at Hangar