What’s on in Brussels: Lucy McKenzie at La Verrière

Originally from Scotland, Lucy McKenzie is an artist who now lives and works in Brussels.

After studying art and design in Dundee, McKenzie came to Brussels to further her studies at the Institut Supérieur de Peinture.

McKenzie is known for creating painted installations – drawing on eclectic reference points such as propagandist murals of Eastern Europe, Cold War iconography, industrial typography, and 1980s pop music – the result blurs the boundaries between art and design.

McKenzie’s latest exhibition is titled Buildings in Belgium, Buildings in Oil, Buildings in Silk – it’s presented at La Verrière on Boulevard de Waterloo.

“Lucy McKenzie’s work is deceptively decorative, with a seductive appeal, but beneath the meticulous virtuosity of her figurative, realist painting lies a complex, fascinating theoretical framework…” explains Guillaume Désanges, curator of the exhibition.

“Classical, baroque and modern references mix freely with motifs from popular culture and McKenzie’s own life…” continues Désanges. “Her collages – collusive iconographies with subtle punk undertones – offer a critical examination of the status of imagery, both within and beyond the world of art. Like other ‘figurative conceptual’ artists who cultivate technical virtuosity in their chosen medium as a way to explore their own critical genealogy, Lucy McKenzie maintains a fertile ambiguity between theory and practice, form and substance, celebration and critique.”

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