What’s on in Brussels: La Semaine du Son

La Semaine du Son – the annual Sound Week festival – returns to Brussels for 2022.

Taking place from 7 February until 13 February, this will be the 12 edition of the Sound Week festival.

More than 20 concerts are planned as part of the festival, but these concerts aren’t passive experiences for the audience – each concert offers some sort of opportunity for the audience to engage with the artist. Engagement opportunities could be in the form of a discussion, a question and answer session, or some form of insight into the creative process.

The festival will also include a series of masterclasses, workshops, and listening sessions.

If you want to get hands-on with sound, the festival’s Discovery Workshops enable you to try your hand at playing an instrument or work with sound professionals to explore the technical side of creating, recording, editing, and mixing sound.

The festival also takes sound beyond the auditorium – there’s outdoor walks, installations, and outdoor performances.

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