Rainbow flags and chill – a relaxed guide to Brussels on Pride weekend

Have you got your rainbow flags ready for Brussels Pride? The parade happens on Saturday, 21 May – it’s going to be a big weekend!

Sure, there’s going to be a lot of people and a lot of parties as the LGBTQ community comes together to celebrate, but what about if you’re not great with crowds and not into parties. Can you still be part of Brussels Pride?

The short answer is Yes, absolutely. Here’s our guide to take a more relaxed approach to a queer weekend in Brussels.

Kick the day off with a leisurely brunch

With the Pride parade starting in the afternoon, why not ease into the day with a relaxed brunch?

The Rainbow Village – centred around Rue du Marché au Charbon – will be focused on gearing up for a big day of celebrations, so you probably want to look a bit further afield for your brunch options.

A good option is La Fabrique en Ville – just on Parc d’Egmont. Or perhaps try Lulu – a homewares store that also serves great food.

You could always grab some take-away from Super Fourchette and picnic in a park.

Where to watch the parade

The Pride parade takes place on Saturday 21 May.

The hub for much of the activity around Pride is the Pride Village – you’ll find this at the Mont des Arts.

The Pride Village is where the parade will start from and this will be the main stage for all the speeches and performances. It’s going to be busy.

The parade will be passing through the streets of the city – the route will be visible on Google Maps the day before the event. If you place yourself strategically along the route, you’ll get a great view of all of the action without having to contend with the big crowds centred around the Pride Village.

The parade departs the Pride Village at 2:30 PM.

Find out more information about the Pride Parade

Celebrate with a cocktail

If the hustle and bustle of the Pride Village isn’t your kind of thing, why not see what else the city has to offer?

Brussels has some great rooftop bars that offer views and a respite from the world below – as well as some top-shelf drinks.

Try the Warwick Hotel’s secret rooftop bar, or Perché which at the top of the Jam Hotel.

Perhaps a relaxed glass of wine is more your style? La Flaque in Saint-Catherine is popular with locals.

The Recovery

If you’re looking for a relaxed way to catch up with friends and debrief on what happened at Pride, then Sungays is offering a special Pride edition of their Sunday afternoon party.

Cocktails, finger food, and music. Perfect.

Brussels Card

One of the simple ways to get the most out of your visit to Brussels is the Brussels Card.

Buy it online and choose a card for 24 hours, 48 hours, or 72 hours – it’s your passport to exploring the city.

The benefits of the Brussels Card include:

  • Free access to the permanent collections of 49 museums – including multiple visits. While some special events may require an additional ticket, the Brussels Card will include most of museums’ temporary exhibitions.
  • Discounts to major tourist attractions, guided tours, shops, restaurants and bars.
  • A free illustrated information guide that includes a city map and a museum map.

You can also add some extra options to your Brussels Card package.

A popular choice is to include public transport. This gives you free, unlimited travel on all public transport options across Brussels – buses, trams, and metro.

Another option is to include the Hop-on-Hop-off buses, giving you maximum flexibility as your navigate across the city.

If the Atomium is on your itinerary for your visit to Brussels, then you can include the Atomium add-on with your Brussels Card and bypass the ticket line for instant access.

A 24 hours Brussels Card costs €29.

Head to www.visit.brussels to purchase online.

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