Another journalist killed in Ukraine – Frédéric Leclerc mourned by his lover

Image published via Twitter

French journalist Frédéric Leclerc was killed while reporting on the war in Ukraine. The 32-year-old reporter lost his life in the midst of a bombardment from Russian forces, on 30 May.

One of the many tributes made to Leclerc following his death was from Sam, the man who had been sharing Leclerc’s life for the past year.

Posting on Instagram, Sam shared several photos and his personal memories of Leclerc.

“I liked his sensitive side, attentive and committed…” wrote Sam. “We could discuss the news for hours, his job fascinated him despite the precariousness of the status of freelancer and the hours of hell that had been imposed on him for years.”

We are now over 100 days since Russia launched this attack against Ukraine. Frédéric Leclerc is just one of the many people who have been killed. He won’t be the last.