Paradise City festival unveils details of its new green mobility plan

Paradise City is staking its claim to be the greenest music festival in Belgium.

The 2021 edition of Paradise City has recently been recognised with a 4-star rating from A Greener Festival – a nonprofit organisation that helps events reduce their impact on the environment.

As the 2022 edition of Paradise City approaches – it’s happening 1-3 July – organisers are pulling out all stops to make the event even more environmentally friendly.

One of the key areas of focus for Paradise City 2022 is the transport options for the event’s attendees.

The biggest area for potential impact is to try and shift attendees away from using cars. Cars are generally seen as the most convenient way to get home at night from this type of event, but in 2021 it was non-electric private transport that contributed to the bulk of the event’s CO2 emissions.

By boosting the available public transport options, Paradise City is hoping to reduce the number of visitors traveling by car by 59% to 40%, thereby reducing the festival’s total carbon footprint by 10%.

The additional public transport services will include night trains, designed to help people get home at the end of the night. People traveling to Brussels/Ghent or Mechelen/Antwerp will be able to reserve a seat on special night trains departing from Vilvoorde station. Brussels Airport will also provide a continuous – and free – electric shuttle service between Vilvoorde station and the festival site. There will also be additional buses at night to accommodate the large number of people arriving after the festival closes.

There’s also initiatives to encourage more people to travel by bicycle. Bicycle parking for the event will be located right next to the festival entrance – it will also have security and additional lighting.

The line-up for this year’s Paradise City festival includes DJ Tennis, Shanti Celeste, Dixon, Weval, Kerri Chandler, Courtesy, Jane Fitz B2B John Talabot, and Octo Octa.

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