The flower carpet will return to the Grand-Place in August

After an absence of two years, the spectacular Flower Carpet will be returning to Brussels in August, transforming the cobblestones of the Grand-Place a floral artwork.

The concept of the Flower Carpet was inspired by a display in the city of Oudenaarde. It’s a tradition that has been upheld in Brussels since 1971. This year, the display will be on show from 12th to 15th August. It will be the 22nd time the Flower Carpet has been created.

“The Flower Carpet is a must-see event on the cultural and tourist calendar…” said Delphine Houba, Alderwoman for Culture, Tourism and Big Events in the City of Brussels and President of the Brussels Flower Carpet Association. “The City of Brussels is thrilled to see the begonias and dahlias return.”

“The return of the Flower Carpet puts it back on the agenda as a highlight of summer tourism in Brussels…” said Fabian Maingain, Brussels’ Alderman for Economic Affairs. “This event also supports the hotel and catering industry and shops in the city centre.”

The design that will be featured this year will pay homage to the display that was created in the first Flower Carpet presented by Brussels. Key elements to be featured include Saint Michael the Archangel and the Belgian Lion. The 2022 design is a collaboration artists Roo Aguilar Aguado and Koen Vondenbusch.

“This year we have also included other flowers cultivated in Flanders, such as the chrysanthemum, in the floral composition, to emphasise the variety of our ornamental plant cultivation…” explains Filip Fontaine, General Director of VLAM, Flanders’ Agricultural Marketing Board, a partner of the Flower Carpet and of the 2022 edition.

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