ILGA-Europe gathers in Brussels for a queer gala

Written by Leon Gabriel

This week in Brussels, ILGA Europe brought together its queer community for a networking evening which took place at LaVallée in Molenbeek. Ket magazine was there to meet Mehmet Akin, communication officer of ILGA Europe.

“How lucky we are to finally be able to meet together…” smiled Akin. “After two years without physical meetings!”

ILGA Europe is a branch of the international organisation ILGA, which was established in 1978. ILGA Europe was established 1996, and has its headquarters in our capital.

“Our role is to put the players in the sector in motion and to be the connector, the link…” explains Akin. “We unite activists with allies and connect institutional actors to issues that concern us and the movement as a whole. With this in mind, we are building strategic partnerships with LGBTI allies in society, such as the private sector; but overall we also have greater alliances between LGBTI and other movements for equality and social justice.”

“ILGA Europe speaks to the realities of LGBTI life and activism and highlights forces for change, both negative and positive…“ continues Akin. “To do this with credibility, we make sure we have an overview of what’s going on; in other words, an understanding of the positive and negative issues that affect LGBTI people. ILGA-Europe is there to amplify the voices and the issues that are too often set aside in our societies.”

The event was a very successful networking evening, enhanced by the presence of the Sing Out Brussels choir.