JPMDR – a powerhouse creative force

The creative journey of Jean-Paul Masse de Rouch – or JPMDR, as he’s professionally known – has been anything but predictable.

Originally from France, JPMDR moved to Brussels in 1973. Having just finished his military service in Algeria – where he worked as a teacher in economics at the Algiers University – Brussels offered JPMDR the opportunity of a new job at the fledgling European Commission, and a fresh start in a new city.

“When I first came here, Brussels was a very different place…” explains JPMDR. “It was a provincial town. But for me, coming from Algiers, it was terrific – here, I could find everything.”

It was only after leaving his job at the European Commission – after a 20-year career – that JPMDR began to truly explore his creative outlets. It was at that time that he developed his passion for the collage technique in which he now specialises.

“It all started when I launched a travel magazine…” reflects JPMDR. “There was a delay at the printers, so I had some time. I made illustrations of cities using collage. I exhibited the collage works at the launch of the magazine, and the project has grown ever since.”

“Sometimes I buy old things at flea markets to use as a base…” says JPMDR, discussing his creative process. “I try different techniques. I try not to bore myself.”

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