Be part of the celebrations with the Rainbow House festival

If you’re looking to add some queer experiences into your social calendar, check out the events being presented as part of the Rainbow House festival.

Upcoming highlights

What is the Rainbow House Festival?

This summer festival celebrates Brussels’ queer community is back and will run until 31 July.

The theme for this year’s festival is: “We are here, we are queer”. This historic phrase, uttered in 1992 by the activist organisation Queer Nation, reflects the festival’s desire to reclaim public space. It is also a way of awakening the interest and curiosity of the general public, which is increasingly curious about the evolution of the community. Finally, it allows the festival to highlight the specific characteristics of each group in our community.

This year’s festival focuses on events that allow the general public to meet the queer population of Brussels, while keeping the LGBTQIA+ population at the centre of most events.

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