Queering Brussels – a new perspective on the city

Taking place at Halles Saint-Géry, Queering Brussels is an exhibition that highlights a critique and a possible future of the city of Brussels through queer prisms.

The exhibition aims to raise public awareness of the gender and queer dimension of architecture as well as the impact of LGBTQ sexuality issues in the fields of architecture and urban planning.

Queering Brussels was designed in an intersectional way by articulating architecture, urbanism, gender, and queer dimensions. This project demonstrates the importance of social experience according to gender and sexual orientation in the design and conceptualisation of space.

As well as the exhibition, Queering Brussels also offers a complementary program with guided tours of Brussels as well as conferences, screenings on themes that link gender, city and LGBTQ issues.

  • 22 September: Opening of the exhibition and launch of the Journées du Matrimoine 2022 at the Halles Saint-Géry.
  • 25 September: Guided tours of the Queering Brussels exhibition as part of the Journées du Matrimoine.
  • 8 October: Brussels through a queer prism by Camille Kervella.
  • 14 October: Conference, The infiltration of queer theories in architecture .
  • 4 November: Conference, The occupation of queer places as a means of struggle.

Find out more about Queering Brussels – on until 21 November