Finish the weekend with a bang at Diane’s Sunday Service

If your Sunday groove is needing a bit of a boost, Diane’s Sunday Service is stepping up to the plate – new funk, disco, and house is the vibe.

This is a new monthly party, with the first edition taking place on 2 October at LaVallée.

What was the inspiration to begin hosting this style of party?

The inspiration comes from my show on Radio 1ère RTBF – Le Feel de Diane.

This is the music I play in my show.

I love these styles of music – and they’re becoming popular again at the moment.

Through my radio show, I’ve developed a big network around the world of artists and labels, so I’m now able to invite these artists to my party.

Each edition, we’ll have a local artist, an international artist, and a DJ.

Also, the ‘Sunday Service’ draws inspiration from Kanye’s Sunday Service – connecting with the spiritual through music. So, we’ll always have a little touch of gospel and a big serving of positive vibes.

Why is Sunday afternoon the right time to party to this style of music?

A Sunday afternoon party is perfect for people who want to have fun without getting home late.

It’s about music, dancing, partying, and celebrating life – it’s not about drugs or excess.

What sort of crowd are you expecting at Sunday Service?

This music attracts a really mixed crowd – all ages – it’s just people who like the groove.

We’ll have hip hop dancers, DJs, diggers, queers – we want to create an atmosphere like the legendary Body & Soul house parties in New York.

Come and be part of it – it’s happening the first Sunday of every month.

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