The first Hungarian parliamentary group on LGBTQ rights has been formed

With concerns rising regarding state-sanctioned homophobia in Hungary, a new political grouping has formed to support LGBTQ rights in Hungary.

The group – MPs for the LGBTQ Community – aims to bridge the gap between parliamentary and civil initiatives to support queer people in Hungary.

Through its work, the group intends to promote LGBTQ rights in Hungary, share accurate knowledge regarding LGBTQ equality, and provide a common, informed representation of the needs of the LGBTQ community in Hungary.

The inaugural meeting of MPs for the LGBTQ Community was attended by 11 members of parliament from the five founding parties – Momentum Movement, the Democratic Coalition, Dialogue for Hungary, the Hungarian Socialist Party and LMP – Hungary’s Green Party. The current membership of the group is 21 members of parliament.

“There is a serious social and livelihood crisis in Hungary today, but the situation of teachers is also difficult, we are fighting for the future…” explained Dávid Bedő, who has been elected chair of the group. “We cannot ignore the fact that freedom and human rights are being seriously violated.”