Gérald Kurdian is deconstructing masculinity with a fantasy opera

In seeking to disidentify the masculine, Gérald Kurdian is exploring marginalised activist scenes – gathering a veritable archive of texts, recordings, photos, and films in the form of a journal. It is this archive that now forms the primary material for X! (a fantasy opera).

Halfway between documentary, live electronic music, and performance, X! (a fantastic opera) is a musical fable. It is an opportunity for Gérald Kurdian to invite us on a guided tour of their memory, to portray the flamboyant individuals they have met, and to transform a minor narrative into a collective experience.

X! (a fantasy opera) portrays current activist cultures and is a choral manifesto for a sensitive revolution that emphasises the importance of care, listening, and collective fictions in the joint invention of our futures.

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