The LGBTQ community of Brussels gives FIFA a red card

RainbowHouse Brussels and Brussels Gay Sports are calling on FIFA to unconditionally uphold its commitments, its values ​​in the fight against all forms of discrimination and the protection of human rights.

Specifically, the call is for FIFA to allow the Red Devils to wear the “One Love” armband during the national team’s matches in Qatar.

The One Love armbands were adopted by a number of competing teams as a way for them to highlight the human rights concerns surrounding Qatar – the host nation of the World Cup. However, FIFA has ruled that the One Love armbands cannot be worn during matches and that players will be issued with a yellow card penalty if they defy this ruling. Teams such as England have been heavily criticised by the LGBTQ community for bowing to this pressure from FIFA.

RainbowHouse Brussels and Brussels Gay Sports are advocating for all LGBTQIA+ activists, community organisations, and allies. Firstly, they’re asking that everyone fly LGBTQIA+ flags throughout the World Cup competition. Secondly, there is an event being held on Wednesday, 23 November at 5:45 PM – everyone is gathering at RainbowHouse Brussels to make their voices heard and to show FIFA a red card.