December is Pink at Spit It Out

Launching on 12 December, fetish specialists Spit It Out are hosting Pinky Boys.

“Pinky Boys is a personal project that brings together my three biggest passions – Manga, Disney, and the colour Pink…” explains Fabio, the artist showcased in the exhibition.

“What I love most about Manga is the ability to mix caricature and craziness, but always with respect for the Japanese culture and their traditions. The super-deformed eyes, colourful hair, and silly faces make everything possible in the sketches of the artists.”

“I find more or less the same idea in Disney’s work. I love Disney’s huge vision, and I love the happy endings. It’s a world with endless possibilities.”

“Pink is my favourite colour. It’s a shade that always puts me in a good mood. It’s a warm and positive colour – it’s definitely my romantic side.”

“All of my men come from the deepest meanders of my mind – my fantasies, my jealousies, and all my frustrations.”

“The exhibition features 14 of my drawings.”

The event is also an opportunity to tackle toxic masculinity – the Spit It Out team are organising a photoshoot to showcase their Masculinity Is A Prison t-shirt.

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