BRUSSELS PRIDE : Outrageous will celebrate the talents of queer FINTA.

AB will be the venue for the second edition of OUTRAGEOUS, a thrilling collaboration between Psst Mlle, Simomo Bouj, and AB, which is scheduled for Friday, May 19th, the night before the Brussels Pride Parade. The event will feature performances by talented queer FINTA (Female, Intersex, Non-binary, Transgender, Agender) artists.

On Friday, May 19th, the evening before the Brussels Pride Parade, AB will host the second edition of OUTRAGEOUS, an exciting collaboration between Psst Mlle, Simomo Bouj, and AB. This event will showcase the talents of queer FINTA (Female, Intersex, Non-binary, Transgender, Agender) artists. In the male-dominated queer scene, the organisers believe that these artists deserve a special spotlight.

Participants can expect a night of dancing to live music and DJ sets from PRINCE X, Countess Malaise, Grove, Raql, Saliah, Slim Soledad, and Tongue in the Mind. Simomo Bouj will create a unique space to dance, relax, socialize, eat, stretch, gossip, flirt, reject and connect in a different way.

Safer space for those who feel marginalised.

The goal with OUTRAGEOUS is to create a safer space for those who often feel marginalized and misunderstood, both within and outside the LGBTQIA+ community. This night will be a place for community, celebration, and pride.

Psst Mlle is an intersectional feminist platform that advocates for the inclusion and visibility of FINTA artists while challenging traditional dance floor norms and mentalities.

Simomo Bouj is a Belgian-Moroccan queer performer and curator who collaborates with artists across mediums to explore themes of identity, physical spaces, and raves.

Line up:

Slim Soledad (FR) is a multidisciplinary artist and co-founder of the queer collective Chernobyl. She was born in Guarulhos (São Paulo/Brazil) but currently resides in Paris. She dances to inter-passing rhythms of Baile Funk, Vogue and contemporary dances.

Lil C (UK), born and raised in South London, DJ and broadcaster Lil C captures the sound of the transatlantic diaspora by combining Bashment with classic R&B, Reggaeton, Afrobeats and contemporary UK rap. Quickly making a name for herself as a formidable selector, her name is now on top of the list of DJs spinning for the best parties around the world. Since making her Boiler Room debut in London 2017, she has graced the stages of Red Bull’s Sound System at Notting Hill Carnival, Afropunk en Glastonbury.

Saliah (UK) (pronounced SA-LEE-YA) is a British-Lebanese music producer and DJ blending SWANA sounds and UK Bass. Saliah made her debut appearance at Glastonbury 2022 and has recently been named one of Virtuoso’s ‘Ones to watch’. Saliah has opened for Lady Leshurr, Omar Souleyman, Shkoon, Ammar 808, Hello Psychaleppo and Acid Arab. Saliah continuously works behind the scenes supporting Diversity and Inclusion organisations.

Grove (UK) is a Bristol-based producer, vocalist and DJ. They meld together elements of punk-infused dancehall, jungle, bass and pop, creating a constantly morphing sound. Grove’s noise concoctions come from the ‘feminine’ and ‘masculine’ energies that reside within, filtering them through a sensuous & rave-centric lens, with lyrics inspired by political angst and queer euphoria.

Countess Malaise (ISK) is a multidisciplinary artist from Reykjavik, Iceland of Filipino decent. Her music covers different bases going from rap to singer songwriter. Her performances are known to be high-energy containing themes like sexuality, love and depression. Notorious in Iceland as a horror rap goddess, she’ll bring us something fearless and enigmatic.

Tongue in the Mind (Juliana Huxtable & Joe Rinaldo Heffernan) (US) evolved heedfully from almost a decade of creative back-and-forth between multimedia artist, DJ and writer Juliana Huxtable and multi-instrumentalist composer Joe Rinaldo Heffernan, aka Jealous Orgasm. The duo’s music is impossible to confine within strict genre boundaries, mutating pointillistically as it vibrates through rock, jazz and experimental forms, adducing Huxtable and Heffernan’s creative past without threatening to duplicate it. It’s an energy that’s already landed them on some of the world’s most prestigious stages: they were commissioned by MoMA for Performa 15, played at Primavera Sound in Barcelona and closed out The Netherlands’ Rewire Festival in 2018. Their EP will be released this April on Berlin based record label PAN. Sensual and perversely physical, it’s music that genuinely rises to the promise of psychedelia by asking not what’s real, but what’s lavish. 

RaqL (BE) lives in Brussels and has Cape Verdean, Portuguese and Angolan origins. She specializes in tropical and electronic music from the Portuguese and African communities around the world. She has played her eclectic and energizing sets on several events for Kiosk Radio and Bruzz. RaqL is an active part of the Rebel Up family and has also become a member of the female collective Tropical Djipsies.  

PRINCE X (BE) is a multidisciplinary artist, well known as PRINCE X. Congolese born and based in Brussels, they are the founder of Unlimited Strip Club, an on-tour performative strip club. As a DJ they blend genres as club, electronic, house and techno. The sets are infused with spirituality by using bass vibrations and ancestral healing sounds to energize the crowd.  

Performative Space by Simomo Bouj (BE) started dancing hip hop and ended up studying contemporary dance at the Koninklijk Conservatorium Antwerpen. Simomo moves, moves you, and is moved by you. Now based in Rotterdam, they choreograph nomadic raves and are the adjunct director of No Limits! Art Castle, an art space that brings together artists that are not recognised by the “regular” art-scene with artists that do have a spot in the art world.

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