De tatoeagefabriek van Molenbeek - een unieke co-workingruimte voor kunstenaars

A former factory in Molenbeek has been transformed into a unique co-working space for tattoo artists.

Having opened its doors in December, L’Abeille Blanche brings togetheer tattoo artists, designers, and illustrators.

There are now 12 tattoo artists in residence in the building – ranging from experienced artists to those just starting out. As well as local artists from Belgium, the project has also attracted tattoo artists from France and Argentina.

The aspiration of L’Abeille Blanche is to become an international hub for tattoo artists.

The idea for an inclusive co-working space such as L’Abeille Blanche originated from an observation that some members of the LGBTQ community face barriers within the world of tattooing.

“Often, we are very badly received…” explains Marcus, one of the project’s co-creators of the concept. “Especially those of us who are trans.”

Marcus was working as a tattoo artist in Switzerland but after encountering homophobia from a number of people in tattoo salons, he decided to move to Brussels.

“We wanted to create a place where everyone feels good, with a family spirit…” says Marcus, reflecting on the vibe that they’re aiming for with L’Abeille Blanche.

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