Op zoek naar een buitenactiviteit? Denk aan fietsen.

Met het warmere weer in het vooruitzicht, denkt u misschien aan buitenactiviteiten.

One of the best ways to explore the city – and get a bit of exercise in the process – is to get on a bike.

Whether you’ve got your own or if you’re hiring a bike, there’s no shortage of bike paths, gardens, and parks where you can get those pedals moving.

If you’re serious about the sport – or if you’ve just got a bit of a fetish for the gear – you might be pulling on the full lycra bodysuit, but a bit of casual cycling is the kind of thing you can enjoy whatever you’re wearing.

While you can just head out on your own and see where your bike takes you, there’s also a huge range of cycling events that you can get involved.

For example, there’s a Garden Cities tour takes you through Bon Air, Mortebeek, La Roue, Cité-Vert, and Homborch.

These “garden cities” were constructed in the period following the First World War. It was a concept adopted from English town planning – building residential clusters around the edge a city to help soften the transition between town and country. One of the objectives of the garden cities was to enable a better connection with nature.

As you cycle, you’ll notice the country-style houses of these leafy neighbourhoods.

Pack some snacks and a water bottle and let’s hit the road!