KET Magazine : Reflecting the Rainbow Colours of Brussels

At KET, we celebrate the vibrancy and diversity that make Brussels a cosmopolitan beacon, shining a light on the people and experiences that give the city its unique flair. We are more than just a magazine; we are a multifaceted platform that brings together a print publication, an engaging website, active social media channels (Facebook, YouTube, Instagram), an insightful podcast, and a curated music list.

Exploring Diverse Queer Experiences

Our content spans a wide spectrum, delving into Art, Culture, Fashion, Design, Gastronomy, Clubbing, Sports, Life experiences, and all facets of queer life. KET is dedicated to showcasing creators, passion-driven individuals, and those who embody the rich art de vivre of Brussels.

Inclusivity at Our Core

As an inclusive magazine, our core is the LGBTQI+ community, both within Brussels and globally. Our mission is to forge connections and celebrate the rich tapestry of queer diversity and creativity. KET is not just a platform; it’s a movement towards freedom, encouraging you to embrace your true self in all its forms.

A Space for Freedom and Authenticity

Join us at KET, where every story matters and every voice is celebrated. Here, you’re free to be uniquely you.