Music recommendations – queens on top!

This week we are stepping away from the charts, tiktok dances and viral videos and we are heading back to the streets of Brussels. This week we are recommending you elegant, soulful, jazzy Reinel Bakole!

Reinel Bakole

Reinel Bakole is a Belgo-Congolese artist who is creating something truly unique. Her eclectic music resounds experimental jazz and soul melodies, and we recommend giving a listen to the songs 507//bird and sorry. Reinel started her career at an early age as a contemporary and classical dancer, and while we can still see the dancer in her even when she is simply gracefully standing next to the microphone, her art has evolved to a new form and we are so happy she is singing the way she is. We could listen to Reinel for days!

Jodie Harsh

We very well know that we have already recommended not one but 4 drag queens at once, singing nothing less but “bing bang bong, sing sang song” which is, for a true music fanatic, 4 drag queens too many, but in light of this week’s podcast guest, Juriji (who also does drag and who you absolutely have to hear speak in our latest podcast episode), we are once again, recommending a drag queen. In an ocean full of singing (recording) drag queens , we are going back to the UK and recommending Jodie Harsh – Jodie is not one of the queens whose fame has been launched by RuPaul’s Drag Race, but their legacy and following speak for themselves. Jodie has worked with names like Lady Gaga, SOPHIE, Beyonce, Charli XCX, Mark Ronson, Fergie etc.

Their parties in London are so popular that Lady gaga herself debuted Perfect Illusion on one of Jodie’s weekday parties called “Room Service”. Jodie is creating house music with a gay circuit-esque, vogue chanting kick and their remixes cannot be missed on any proper Pride party. They started by hosting and promoting parties in London that have seen guests like Amy Winehouse and Alexander McQueen – now that truly takes charisma, uniqueness nerve and talent! We could go on and on about Jodie Harsh, but until she is sitting here in our podcast chair or until she graces Brussels with her presence, we recommend listening to her songs Paris and Fascinating Lights as well as her remixes.

Together with the latest episode of our KET Magazine podcast that guests incredible Juriji, while we are waiting for her latest EP, make sure to listen to both Jodie Harsh and Reinel Bakole that can be found on our Spotify playlist.