It’s testing week!

Testing Week is the opportunity to get tested if you haven’t been for a while.

Till Saturday 21 may, exaequo offers you opportunities every day to get tested in Brussels. 

All our tests for bi and gay men and transgender people are free and anonymous with instant results. They give your status about HIV, syphilis and hepatitis C from 3 months ago. 
You can book your appointment here:

On Friday 20/05, Genres Pluriels will be present for trans-friendly sessions.

You took a risk ?

If you think you took some risk through sex (anal sex with another man, without condoms and/or PrEP) less than 3 days ago, you can go to a hospital and ask for post exposition prophylaxis (PEP). It can still protect you afterwards but you need to act fast.

Call for more information (02 736 28 61) or visit

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