Belgian Mixed Duet in Artistic Swimming Shines at World Championships in Osaka

In a groundbreaking moment for the sport of artistic swimming, Belgium’s Lisa Ingenito and Renaud Barral made waves at the World Championships held in Osaka, Japan. Competing in the mixed duet category, the talented pair showcased their skills, making it to the finals and finishing in an impressive 11th place, while also achieving their personal best score.

Brussels based duo at the top of the world

The story of Lisa Ingenito and Renaud Barral is an inspiring testament to the strength and determination of Belgium’s artistic swimming community. Hailing from Brussels, the duo has been training relentlessly, and their hard work and passion have paid off on the world stage.

Artistic swimming, formerly known as synchronized swimming, has predominantly been a women-only sport throughout its history. However, thanks to the forward-thinking approach of the international swimming association World Aquatics, mixed duet competitions have been introduced to promote inclusivity and expand the boundaries of the sport.

Belgium’s representation in the mixed duet category at the World Championships is a significant milestone, both for the country and the artistic swimming community as a whole. Lisa Ingenito and Renaud Barral have embraced this opportunity to showcase their talent and challenge the traditional norms of the sport.

Photo : Instagram