KET Magazine’s New Issue is out !

The eagerly awaited new print issue of KET Magazine*is officially out and available for the taking. Best of all? It’s absolutely free.

For our valued readers in Brussels and the major cities throughout Belgium, rest assured that your fresh copy awaits you. We’ve ensured its distribution across all the safer spaces catering to our vibrant LGBTQIA+ community. And for our supporters across the border? It is also available in the nearby cities in neighbouring countries.

Why This Issue Matters

In light of the ongoing challenges faced by the trans community – from violence and discrimination to hatred – this edition spotlights trans visibility. The need for unity within the LGBTQIA+ community has never been more critical, especially when juxtaposing the progress made in certain nations against the rising repression in others. In this vein, five remarkable Belgian trans personalities candidly discuss their perspectives on visibility and its impact.

Furthermore, our second segment delves deep into the realm of fetishes and kinks. Aiming to foster understanding and respect, we explore the significance of the codes, aesthetics, cultures, and spaces inherent to this facet of our community. Pride events occasionally face debate over the inclusion of these elements, yet their very existence underscores their pivotal role in the struggle for LGBTQIA+ rights. Three personalities shed light on their personal journeys and the significance of fetish in their lives.

To wrap up this illuminating edition, we present ten distinctive portraits. KET once again turns the spotlight on the very individuals who add vibrancy to Brussels, celebrating the spectrum of colours they bring to our capital.