Counting Down to Easter: Listen Festival’s Takeover of Brussels

As the Easter weekend approaches from March 26 to 31, music enthusiasts in Brussels are in for an incredible (we dare to say a “once in a lifetime”) experience as Listen Festival returns for another edition. The festival promises to be a celebration of music and diversity, featuring 105 artists in 18 events across 12 different locations. Born in 2016, Listen Festival has evolved into Brussels’ premier urban music festival, dedicated to alternative electronic music.

What sets Listen Festival apart is its commitment to showcasing the diverse musical landscape of Brussels. While the festival’s roots lie in electronic genres like House and Techno, it has expanded its scope to include Hyperpop, Drum’n’bass, Amapiano, and Hip Hop. This evolution reflects the festival’s dedication to supporting the local alternative music scene and propelling local talent to international prominence.

Over the past few years, Listen Festival has transformed into a five-day takeover of Brussels, with DJ sets, concerts, talks, workshops, expos, and more. The festival embraces various unique locations throughout the city, promising attendees a chance to explore and experience music in unconventional settings. This year’s festival will take place at some of the world’s most creative venue setups, promising quality productions and immersive experiences. This year, for the first time, Listen Festival is taking us even underground – quite literally – into a Tunnel complex underneath Avenue Louise

The festival’s diverse range of locations

Tunnel Complex Louiza/Louise, Buda BXL, C12, Congres, Fuse, Gare Central, Botanique, La Cabane, Flagey, Notre-Dame Van Laken, UMI, Bozar

At the heart of Listen Festival is its collaborative music platform. Events are curated in partnership with prolific Belgian artists, labels, venues, and collectives. Notable collaborators include Flagey, Bozar, Stroom, Blck Mamba, Not Your Techno, Basic Moves, and many others. This collaboration ensures a diverse and rich musical experience for festival-goers.

Lineup : Talents from Belgium and abroad

This year’s lineup boasts an impressive array of talent from Belgium and abroad. In a dazzling display of musical diversity, the lineup for Listen Festival 2024 is set to feature an array of talented artists, including Altinbas, Ampe, Azo, Bashkka, Ben Kamal, Bennet, Bibi Seck, Bjeor, Blawan ‘Live,’ Blck Mamba, Bona Léa, Burenhinder, Cleveland, Crystallmess, Dana Kuehr, Danilo Plessow (MCDE), DC Salas, Deli Girls, dBridge ‘Live,’ Drama B2B Nayrah, DJ Peugeot, DJ Sweet6teen, EG, Emily Jeanne, Fahad Seriki, Fais Le Beau, Forsissies, Gene on Earth, George Riley, Gideön, HiTech, Ikonika, INVT, ISAbella, Jacob Meehan, Jennifer Loveless, Joe Armon-Jones, Jonas Alexander, Kleine Crack & Slagter, Lefto Early Bird presents ‘Motherless Father in Movement,’ Leese ‘Live,’ Listen Festival, LSDXOXO ‘Live,’ Mambele, Marie Montexier, Mankiyan, Martyn, Mary Lake, Mia Koden, M I M I, Nosedrip B2B CJ Bolland, Nick León ‘Live,’ Nikita, Ogazón, Paradox ‘Live,’ Partok, Paulo Sea, Phanom, Promis3 ‘Live,’ Raql, Rrita Jashari, Salome, Sara Dziri B2B Cheb Runner, Sarkawt Hamad, Seba, Session 4000, Shaa B2B Emsy Bibiš, Sixsixsixties, Soja, Sono Ventura Soundsystem, SP:MC, State OFFF, Timmerman, UNIIQU3, Verraco, VTSS, Xtanki B2B Beatsforbeaches, Yooth, Young Marco, and Zouzibabe, and many more

Listen Festival 2024 is gearing up to be an unforgettable experience, weaving together the vibrant tapestry of Brussels’ music scene. With its diverse lineup, collaborative spirit, and commitment to local talent, the festival promises to be a melting pot of musical genres and a celebration of the city’s rich cultural heritage. Set against the backdrop of some of the world’s most creative venue setups, attendees can expect quality productions and immersive experiences, making Listen Festival an unmissable event for music lovers seeking a unique and unforgettable musical journey through the heart of Brussels.

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