Pride Week : the program

From May 8th to 17th, Brussels will come alive with the vibrant energy of Pride Week, a 10-day celebration of LGBTQIA+ culture, activism, and community. Organized by LGBTQIA+ activists, collectives, associations, and allies, this annual event offers a diverse array of activities aimed at promoting inclusivity, empowerment, and safety for all.

Under the theme “Safe Everyday Everywhere,” this year’s Brussels Pride Week highlights the ongoing commitment to creating safe spaces and fostering acceptance for LGBTQIA+ individuals in the Capital of Europe. From lively debates and thought-provoking discussions to artistic performances and community gatherings, Pride Week showcases the rich tapestry of talent and diversity within the Belgian LGBTQIA+ communities.

Various locations in Brussels

Led by Rainbow Corporate and Pride asbl, Brussels Pride Week unfolds across various locations in the capital, including RainbowHouse, the Grands Carmes, cultural and museum spaces, as well as public venues. These iconic sites serve as hubs for community engagement and celebration, welcoming individuals from all backgrounds to come together in solidarity and support.

Throughout the week, attendees can explore a wide range of events designed to entertain, educate, and inspire. From colorful parades and cultural exhibitions to workshops and social gatherings, Pride Week offers something for everyone. The full program can be found on the Brussels Pride website, providing a comprehensive guide to all the activities and initiatives taking place during this exciting celebration of LGBTQIA+ pride and resilience.

Photo : Flickr / Romane