Discover the Influence and Impact of LGBTQ+ Celebrations at the “Meaning of Prides” Conference

This Thursday, Brussels Pride invites you to delve into the profound significance and transformative impact of Pride events at the “Meaning of Prides” conference. Scheduled for May 16, 2024, at the prestigious BIP, Salle de Guichets in Brussels, this event promises to be a cornerstone for understanding and celebrating the LGBTQ+ community’s vibrant culture and advocacy.

Event Details
Date: May 16, 2024
Time: Conference from 14:30 to 17:30, followed by a cocktail from 19:30 to 21:30
Location: BIP, Salle de Guichets, 2-4 Rue Royale, Brussels

Language Support
To ensure that everyone can fully participate and engage, simultaneous translation services will be provided in both French and English throughout the conference.

About the Conference
The conference will be split into two insightful themes, focusing on both the nature and the broader societal impacts of Pride events.

Theme 1: The Nature and Legitimacy of Prides (15:10 – 16:10)
Explore the foundational elements that make Pride events a vital part of the LGBTQ+ movement and their legitimacy within broader social contexts. Esteemed speakers like Marko Mihailovic from Belgrade Pride and Viki Radványi of Budapest Pride will share their experiences and insights, moderated by Alan De Bruyn from Diversito.

Theme 2: The Impact of Prides on Daily Life (16:30 – 17:30)
This session will highlight the tangible impacts of Pride celebrations on everyday life, featuring perspectives from global advocates such as Javier Leonor from Accenture’s Global Inclusion & Diversity and Alfonso Llopart, the director of Madrid Pride. Dianka Songo of RainbowHouse will moderate the discussions, promising an engaging session.

Networking and Celebration
The day’s discussions will conclude with a cocktail event, offering attendees the chance to network with speakers, organizers, and fellow community members in a relaxed and festive atmosphere.

Don’t Miss Out!
Registration is open for the conference. This is a unique opportunity to gain deeper insights into the Prides movement, meet leading figures in the LGBTQ+ advocacy world, and contribute to the ongoing dialogue on diversity and inclusion.

Join us to celebrate and understand the enduring power and meaning of Prides. Your participation is not just attendance—it’s an act of solidarity and learning. Register here today at and ensure your spot at this pivotal event!