KET Recommends : Queens are taking over!

In every episode of KET Talks, the Brussels queer podcast, Vjeran recommends some tracks to add to your playlist !

This week we’re talking all queer. Quite literally – Get ready for queer for Queens! We are recommending, you guessed it, drag queens! Performed by team United Kingdolls from Rupauls Drag Race UK Season 2 we are recommending a song called “UK, Hun”.

If you are listening to our podcast and if you are active on social media, but have not heard about this song, we don’t know under which rock you are living – The song “Uk, Hun” was initially performed as a part of the main Challenge Rusical on the aforementioned reality show, but it’s catchy chorus that, quite literally goes “Bing bang bong / Sing sang song / ding dang dong / UK, hun?” Has taken over the world by storm.

It has hit number one on the iTunes UK chart and number four on the official UK Top 40 charts. It is even playing in clubs in Australia! (yes people in Australia are enjoying nightlife). The song is a drag queen’s take on Eurovision, hence the perfect silly catchy lyrics that transport you to the world where coronavirus does not exist and where Bimini Bon Boulash is a prime minister.

You can listen to the song “UK,hun” on all streaming platforms including our own Ket’s Spotify Playlist! One last question remains – Will you clap for the sing sang song or clap for the bing bang bong?!

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Vjeran’s music recommendation in KET Talks episode 02

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