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Save the Safe Spaces!

ZUUR: The bars of the Rainbow Village are launching their crowdfunding campaign.

#ZUUR, the crowdfunding campaign has not forgotten the queer bars in Brussels! One month after the start of the Brussels #ZUUR campaign, queer bars, brought together by the association SyndiGay (Brussels federation of LGBT bars, shops and clus), are launching their crowdfunding campaign with the support of the Growfunding platform. This is a dual impact campaign that aims both to help bars in Brussels that are in difficulty and to promote economic players and associations.

Safe and friendly spaces are what enables the LGBTQI+ community to gather and connect, but it helps even more in the visibility of all the diversity. Brussels believes in nourishing both spaces and the diversity that comes with it. Safe spaces are for everyone – they allow all to express themselves truly and authentically with no judgements. That is exactly the type of community that Brussels believes in – a caring and kind one. Join us in an act of kindness and understanding and support your local LGBTQI+ friendly spaces, for they have always been here for you.

Thanks to ZUUR, queer people can support their favorite bar in Brussels. In exchange for your support, you receive a ZUUR beer, rewards from the bars themselves or rewards from other organisations in Brussels. 

As well as the bars of the Rainbow Village, the participating organisations are Belgian Pride, L-Tour, Brussels Rainbow Support, and the Atomium & Design Museum Brussels. This initiative supports LGBTQIA + organisations in Brussels as well as welcoming queer tourists to our city. 

Full support by the Brussels Capital Region.

Brussels is proud of its diversity and aspires to be the LGBTQIA + capital of Europe. The Rainbow Village of Brussels is located in the heart of the city, just behind the famous Grand-Place. “The queer community is very active in Brussels and offers a number of events and meetings to its Brussels, Belgian and international audiences,” said Frédérick Boutry, head of nightlife and LGBTQIA + at “In 2019, Brussels welcomed tens of thousands of European queer tourists during PRIDE and major gay events such as the anniversary of La Démence – which attracted more than 12,000 people from over 100 different nationalities. These visitors are sorely missed in Brussels, but they will return as soon as possible. This is why is supporting this project which is sure to appeal to the international public who have a strong link with Brussels.”

With the Belgian Pride.

Laurent Mallet, President of Belgian Pride: “LGBTQIA + bars are an important part of the community. They allow us to meet in safe places. After more than a year of Covid-19, we all need to see each other again, physically. This is why Belgian Pride has joined this growfunding project which supports bars on one side and Belgian Pride on the other. Supporting LGBTQIA + bars is therefore essential!”

The importance of queer bars for our community.

Frederick Da Soghe, operator of STAMMBAR and president of SyndiGay*, which brings together all LGBTQIA + establishments: “The strength of Brussels is that everything is a question of solidarity. Over the years, a real lasting relationship has developed between the owners and the local and international clientele. Queer bars are important pillars of the community and the neighborhood. After several months of closure, we are struggling to keep our heads above water. This campaign allows us to survive and reconnect with our customers in Belgium and beyond our borders. It is clear that the public shows us its solidarity with all the contributions already made. Several establishments have posted an encouraging amount in just a few days. No matter the size or the fame of the establishment, it is important to stick together. At the same time, we want to share this generosity by offering contributors the opportunity to support an association helping people in need. This is a great way to show that solidarity goes beyond just our own activities.”

Thanks to the bars of the Rainbow Village, we are also reaching out to the queer community beyond Belgium.

“Diversity is one of the fundamental values of Growfunding”, explains Anne-Sofie Vandersmissen, communication manager of Growfunding asbl. “From the start, ZUUR focused on all of Brussels, its different neighborhoods and communities. We are proud that the campaign is now going even further. Thanks to the bars of the Rainbow Village, we are also reaching out to the queer community beyond Belgium. It is already a fine example of solidarity beyond borders that we are happy to facilitate!”

Do you want to give your favorite Brussels café a boost?

Go to, make a contribution and receive a bottle of #ZUUR and a reward as soon as the cafes reopen.