Lámina Queer Space or Finding the common ground

Lámina is a queer and trans-feminist cultural project aiming at being intersectional and inclusive. The cultural space founded by Indigo Canullo Stefanelli and Betel Mabille offers creative workshops, lectures, moments of share&care, round tables, research opportunities, screenings, readings, exhibitions, coworking and tools for social emancipation. The value of personal experiences is essential at Lámina Queer Space.

QUEER they are and they want to celebrate queer folx & women as well as they deserve it. As Indigo says : “With no representations, we feel alone and lost. If we don’t know that someone else -even one single person- to who we can relate exists our there… we believe we’re the only one. The only one feeling something, liking something, looking like something. Once we gather, we feel strong and empowered. We feel in charge. We feel validated and alive.”

THE COMMON GROUND is Lámina Queer Space first physical event at Galerie Toison d’Or. Several queer artists, from different backgrounds and media, are invited to show their art in the heart of Ixelles. Opening event is on Thursday June 24th With live performances by TUMBA, Ephélide//de mots, Biche de Ville, Camille Pier and Nina Fafchamps & Jean Samuel N’Sengi. Exhibition then continues till July 8th with artists Harmony Masego Benegusenga, Jean Samuel N’Sengi, Leyla Cabaux (ley.cab), Fatma Ben Aissa, Wafa Ben Romdhane aka Waf, Emmanuel Cortés, Loup KASS, Miska Tokarek and Camille Dejean.

“A shout for our existence. Our queer bodies deserve to exist. Our queer bodies deserve to resonate. Our queer bodies have a common ground under their feet. They’re grounded in pain and trauma, but also joy and growth.”