Every country is more than the colors in its flag.

Under the motto “Every country is more than the colors in its flag”, visit.brussels makes a beautiful statement on the day of the quarter-finals of the European Championship football. All of the eighth finalists’ football flags were redesigned in response to UEFA’s ban on rainbow-colouring the Allianz Arena and the ban on rainbow flags during the Netherlands’ match against the Czech Republic. The national rainbow flags can be seen from today on an I-Conic billboard at De Brouckère in Brussels, one of the most visible places in Brussels. visit.brussels already adapted the profile picture of its Facebook and Instagram channels earlier this week to show its support for the LGBTQ+ community and wants to use this action to show that our capital is also the capital when it comes to respecting everyone’s sexuality.

Your own flag

If you want your own flag, you can download it from the showyourcolours.eu website. In Brussels, almost all nationalities are represented and every supporter from any European country can support more than the colors of their own flag.