L-Festival is back for its seventh edition

L-Festival is 10 days of lesbian, bi, trans and feminists events in Brussels every year in December organized by RainbowHouse Brussels. Rich and varied programme planning for all kinds of entourages within the Lesbian, Bisexual and Trans* communities*. Lesbians of all countries, bisexual persons of all colours, transexuals with specs, movie buff queers, pansexuals who like to hike, feminists who like to party, allies of all kinds of genders, this seventh edition of the L-Festival is for you ! L-Festival is supported by: Equal.brussels, City of Brussels, Wallonia-Brussels Federation, COCOF.

Discover the programme : 

THURSDAY Nov 25th AT 19:00 

L-Festival 2021 OPENING PARTY ★ 

Rainbowhouse Brussels 

FRIDAY NOV 26th FROM 18:30-20:30 

Health Care Consent Conference by Go To Gynéco and Intime Idée 

RainbowHouse Brussels, Salle Marsha P. Johnson 

“What are my rights and duties as a patient? What about those of the health professionals? Can I say no? What is acceptable and what is not? If you are asking yourself these questions, our “consent in care” conference is for you! We will try to give you some answers during this meeting by focusing on gynecological care. After an informative part by the speakers of Go To Gyneco! and Intime Idée, a time of round table will allow the participants who wish to express themselves to feed the reflection. We defend everyone’s right to control their own body. Your consent counts and your choices must be free and informed. Come and discuss this with us at RainbowHouse Brussels (Marsha P. Johnson room). Language : French. Price: free. Nibbles and refreshments provided! Event in non-mixed chosen without cis men, addressed to patients.”

SATURDAY Nov 27th FROM 13:00-18:00 

Bike mechanic workshop by Les Déchaîné.es 

MolemBike Havenlaan 86C 

“DÉCHAINÉ-ES is a feminist, independent and self-managing collective from Brussels, organised in a chosen gender without cisgender men, which has chosen the bicycle as a tool for gathering, emancipation and collective struggle against sexist and patriarchal violence. For this L-Festival, the Déchaîné-es are offering a bike mechanics workshop, with a briefing on basic bike maintenance, followed by a of your bike, followed by a moment of participative repair focused on specific mechanical problems. Free. Come with your bike! ps: for a better handling, the last arrival is at 5.30 pm maximum. Where? In MolemBike – In the cave of the Sheds building. In French or English. Mixed gender chosen without cis men.”

SUNDAY Nov 28th FROM 15:30-18:00 

Stand-Up Writing Workshop (with Tahnee) 

Cabaret Mademoiselle 

“You make your friends laugh and everyone tells you to try stand-up comedy? Do you have notes full of jokes or anecdotes on your phone but you don’t know how to use them or organize them? Want to perfect your style? The comedian TAHNEE proposes a stand-up writing workshop during the L-Festival on Sunday November 28th from 3:30 pm to 6 pm to help or teach you how to write jokes in a benevolent way and, if possible, without oppressive springs. Come with your notebook, your pen and your good mood! All levels. Workshop in french. Mixed gender: women, trans and non-binary people. Free price. Registration needed.”

FRIDAY, 3 DECEMBER 2021 AT 19:00 

Clemix + Diane LIVE ★ 

The Crazy Circle 

“Diane is a trans woman, a musician for more than 20 years in various projects with a great musical diversity where different styles and influences come together. For the L-Festival she will present covers of icons of the LGBTQI+ movement: True Colors, I will survive, Over the rainbow… but also references to feminism: You gotta be, Femme liberée… and to the struggle of minorities against oppression in general: Talkin’ ’bout a revolution, Redemption songs… Clemix : Between French songs, electro-hip-hop and disco-punk, Belgium’s Clemix tells her cheerfully disillusioned stories with humor and irony, tackling her loves, her loneliness and her obsessions in an uncomplicated way. Open to all ! Free entrance!”

SATURDAY, 4 DECEMBER 2021 FROM 14:00-18:00 


Centre culturel Jacques Franck 

“Come and support your local queer artist! L-Festival is happy to organize a Queer Market to support local production as well as queer (and feminist!) creatresses. Free for exhibitors and public”