Genoeg Enough Assez ! A research on violence against queer people in Belgium

Enough with violence? Take part in the “Genoeg Enough Assez” survey.

If you are older than 15 years and have lived in Belgium for at least two years and you are lesbian, gay, queer, bi+ or asexual and/or you are a transgender or non-binary person and/or you are an intersex person/have a variation in your sex characteristics, fill out this anonymous survey about your experiences with violence.

This study is being carried out by the Ghent University Hospital (Transgender Infopunt) on behalf of the Flemish Minister for Equality, Bart Somers. This study was accepted by the Ethics Committee of Ghent University Hospital. The study is conducted in accordance with the guidelines of good clinical practice (ICH/GCP) and the Declaration of Helsinki, written to protect those involved in clinical studies.

Numerous LGBTQIA+ organisations are represented in the advisory committee, who helped to make the questionnaire as appropriate as possible.

The questionnaire asks about your experiences with violence that you have experienced in the last 2 years. These experiences can take many forms: Verbal and psychological violence: ignoring, laughing at, threatening, calling names, mocking, (cyber) bullying, … Physical violence: hitting, kicking, … Sexual violence: unwanted statements, intimacies or assaults, … Material violence: vandalism or destruction of property, theft, …

By telling about your experiences, however small or large, you will contribute to the knowledge of this topic. You will help to inspire policymakers to take appropriate measures where necessary. By participating in this questionnaire, you therefore make an important contribution to improving the situation in the future. It is intended that this study will be repeated in the future to monitor improvement or deterioration. Your contribution is therefore very valuable, because only you can tell us which negative experiences you have or have not experienced. Your answers will be processed anonimously.

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