YHU KIRA has lashed out his passion and wrath with groove and rhythm.

With his love for congolese rumba and carribean sounds as well as the traditional Gabonese sounds, Yhu Kira sings about power, love and pain through dark yet high vibes. His artistic potential is undeniably shown in his musical progress. He first got more notice when releasing his track “Oublier” in November 2021 before releasing his first EP : Petitprince.

What can you tell us about yourself and what you do?

I’m a singer, painter, stylist and fashion designer. I’ve studied Business and Finance but I’m dedicating my life to creating art in many different ways.

Which artists do you recognise yourself the most in?

I see myself as a mix between Grace Jones, Gainsbourg, and Rihanna. Each of them inspires me because they have their own, very unique and very distinguishable identities. I feel like I’m on a similar path, trying to tell my story through my experiences, sharing my joy, pain and sadness without any filters.

Who is your biggest fashion icon (in the music industry) and why?

Rihanna, she’s like my Mother. I’ve always been passionate about my visual as a real fashion killa should. I can relate to all her looks: Fierce, Slick and Authentic. As a stylist also my design and outfits get a lot of comparisons with her.

Where do you feel the safest to be yourself, as a young black queer artist?

I don’t even feel safe in a Uber. I always have the sensation that I don’t have my place among others because I’m too different. Which is the reason why I sing, and I that create art, it’s where I connect to people no matter who I am.

It does require a lot of strength to be who you are and proud in this world, how do you do it?

I try not to think about what people say about me, I stay focused because I consider my life as a mission. I simply experiment with new things and trying to better myself.

What can you tell us a little about your music?

I still can’t believe it’s out there. I feel finally free to express myself and be actually heard. The main thing about my music is that it’s really melodic. I am to transform feelings into high-energy toplines that make me feel alive.

Your first EP “PetitPrince” came out in March, what do you want to tell new listeners about it?

This EP is really something new. It’s a liberation that I hope everyone will feel and experience. I feel like my path has finally led me to this point in life where you are able to really connect with people and bring something to the table. I receive so many messages every day, the best part is to see how the music made people feel and what their favourite songs are.