Queer Mais Trash, 3 long days of non-binary short films

QUEER Mais Trash is the LGBTQIA+ version of the Brussels festival Courts Mais Trash! Are you ready for three non-binary nights that will feel completely crazy or insane? It’s up to you!

In addition to the session initially planned for Pride and postponed to October, the festival team had the idea to add and program 6 more different thematic sessions, a burlesque show and even school classes!

QUEER Mais Trash, like its big brother Courts Mais Trash, is THE festival that allows independent films that do not always find their place elsewhere to exist and circulate. These films, grouped under the term “Trash”, are not necessarily provocative or shocking. They are above all alternative, political or offbeat.

The goal is also to open up LGBTQIA+ culture and make it accessible to as many people as possible. By storming and deconstructing the binarities: women/men, male/female, gay/straight, trans/fluid, bi/inter… The posture adopted is that of openness and decompartmentalization.

On the program: the best LGBTQIA+ films from the last Courts Mais Trash festival, new releases, a super sex session, a retro super trash of Jan Soldat, a docu/debate on chemsex with Ex-aequo and in closing the mega camp show ” Peggy Video Show ” by Peggy Lee Cooper‘s + Colette Collerette as well as the international VERY SPECIAL GUEST STAR : Kitten de Ville.

The festival is interactive because the jury is exclusively composed by the public, invited to vote. The proximity between the directors and the festival’s spectators is unique and has a considerable social impact on the public, who become actors of this underground revolution! The winning directors will share 500€.

From October 13 to 15 at cinéma Aventure.
Rue des Fripiers 15 in Brussels.

Tickets available here or on site.

Full programme here